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News & Analysis In the Agencies Volume 50, Issue 5

85 FR 18054

FWS withdrew the proposed rule to list the bi-state distinct population segment (DPS) of greater sage-grouse in California and Nevada as threatened under the ESA, the proposed rule under §4(d) of the Act concerning conservation of the DPS, and the proposed rule to designate critical habitat for the DPS. 

Endangered Species Act (ESA)

85 FR 17810

SIP Proposal: Nevada (interstate transport requirements for the 2010 one-hour sulfur dioxide primary NAAQS). 

Clean Air Act (CAA)

85 FR 17502

SIP Approval: Oklahoma (infrastructure requirements for the 2015 ozone NAAQS). 

Clean Air Act (CAA)

85 FR 17504

EPA amended its acquisition regulation award term incentive policy, procedures, and clauses to remove ambiguity and provide clarity with respect to what is required for a contractor to successfully earn award terms. 


85 FR 17434

The Tennessee Valley Authority amended its procedures for implementing NEPA.  

National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

85 FR 17347

FWS announced the availability of and seeks comment on its draft revised recovery plan for the Kearney's blue star, an endangered perennial flowering plant known from a single mountain range in Pima County, Arizona, under the ESA.

Endangered Species Act (ESA)

85 FR 17301

SIP Proposal: Connecticut (determination of attainment for the Greater Connecticut serious 2008 eight-hour ozone nonattainment area).  

Clean Air Act (CAA)

85 FR 17382

SIP Proposal: California (revisions to San Joaquin Valley serious 2006 fine particulate matter nonattainment area requirements). 

Clean Air Act (CAA)

85 FR 17285

NMFS issued a temporary rule to provide it with authority to waive observer coverage requirements established in regulations under the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act and other statutes to address public health concerns relating to the evolving COVID-19 pandemic.  


85 FR 17098

United States v. Ector Drum, Inc., No. 7:20 cv 00074 (W.D. Tex. Mar. 20, 2020). In relation to the Ector Drum Superfund site in Ector County, Texas, settling CERCLA defendants must, under a first partial consent decree, collectively pay $1,575,255 to the United States and, under a second partial consent decree, endeavor to sell the property on which the site is located and pay a specified portion of the proceeds of any sale(s) to the United States. 

Comprehensive Environmental Response Compensation and Liability Act (CERCLA)
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