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Current State Update

The latest state regulatory develoments that appear in the current issue of ELR's Weekly Update appear below. For material previously reported, refer to the state update archives.

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California: Clean Air Act (CAA)

The Air Resources Board proposed to amend the regulations designating areas of California as attainment, nonattainment, nonattainment-transitional, or unclassified for pollutants with state ambient air quality standards as part of its annual review. A hearing will be held February 25, 2021. Comments are due February 22, 2021. See https://oal.ca.gov/wp-content/uploads/sites/166/2021/01/2021-Notice-Register-Number-2-Z-Janaury-8-2021.pdf (pp. 20-25).

Clean Air Act (CAA)

New Hampshire: Air (generally)

The Department of Environmental Services proposed to amend the PSD permit program requirements to make the rule consistent with current federal regulations. A hearing will be held February 17, 2021. Comments are due February 26, 2021. See http://gencourt.state.nh.us/rules/Register/2021/January-1-14-21.pdf (pp. 1-3).

Air (generally)

Pennsylvania: Clean Water Act (CWA)

The Department of Environmental Protection proposed to reissue, with modifications, the NPDES General Permit for Stormwater Associated with Mining Activities. Comments are due February 8, 2021. See http://www.pacodeandbulletin.gov/Display/pabull?file=/secure/pabulletin/data/vol51/51-2/53.html.

Clean Water Act (CWA)