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Recent Federal Bills

Below are summaries of Bills Introduced, Committee Reports, Chamber Actions, and Public Laws reported in the most recent issue of ELR's Weekly Update. For previous summaries, visit the Federal Bills Archive.

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S. 2854

would amend the Nuclear Waste Policy Act of 1982 to provide for the expansion of emergency planning zones and the development of plans for dry cask storage of spent nuclear fuel.

H.R. 4044

would amend the FWPCA to reauthorize the National Estuary Program.

H.R. 4031

would amend the FWPCA to reauthorize the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

H.R. 925

would extend the authorization of appropriations for allocation to carry out approved wetlands conservation projects under the North American Wetlands Conservation Act through fiscal year 2024.

S. 2837

would amend Title 51, U.S. Code, to require a National Aeronautics and Space Administration initiative on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and noise emissions from aircraft.

H.R. 737

would prohibit the sale of shark fins.

H.R. 3195

would amend Title 54, U.S. Code, to provide permanent, dedicated funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund.

H.R. 1023

would authorize the Director of the U.S. Geological Survey to conduct monitoring, assessment, science, and research, in support of the binational fisheries within the Great Lakes Basin.

S. Res. 411

would affirm that states maintain primacy for the regulation of hydraulic fracturing for oil and natural gas production on state and private lands, and the president has no authority to declare a moratorium on the use of hydraulic fracturing on state and private lands or federal lands, including the outer continental shelf, or lands held in trust for an Indian tribe unless the moratorium is authorized by an act of Congress.

S. 2818

would require the Secretary of the Interior to issue regulations to ban the venting and flaring of gas in oil and gas production operations in the United States.