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News & Analysis is the flagship publication of ELR®—The Environmental Law Reporter®. Its articles explore the vital intersection of environmental law, policy, management, and applied research. ELR News & Analysis articles are relevant to both legal policy and practice regarding today’s and tomorrow’s most pressing environmental topics. The goal of ELR articles is to educate the profession, foster constructive debate, and explore new areas of innovation and understanding in order to foster a healthy environment, prosperous economies, and vibrant communities founded on the rule of law. ELR News & Analysis is edited by attorneys for  policymakers, practitioners, and academics.

For the current issue of ELR News & Analysis, click on "This Month's Issue" at left. Older articles can be accessed in our archives. And our Subject Matter Index allows you to search for articles by topic.

We welcome submissions that meet ELR’s goals of education, debate, and exploration and editorial excellence.