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Cumulative Table of Cases

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Alaska Community Action on Toxics v. Aurora Energy Services, LLC

13-35709 (9th Cir., September 2014)

Alaska Eskimo Whaling Comm'n v. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

13-70633 (9th Cir., June 2015)

Anthony Wayne Corp. v. Elco Industries, Inc.

3:13CV1406 (N.D. Ind., October 2014)

Asarco, LLC v. Union Pacific Railroad Co.

13-2830 (8th Cir., August 2014)

Ass'n of Taxicab Operators USA v. City of Dallas

12-10470 (5th Cir., June 2013)

Black Warrior Riverkeeper, Inc. v. U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

2:13-CV-02136 (N.D. Ala., May 2014)

Coalition for the Advancement of Regional Transportation v. Federal Highway Administration

13-6214 (6th Cir., August 2014)

Cook Inletkeeper v. United States Army Corps of Engineers

13-35101 (9th Cir., October 2013)

Cyprus Amax Minerals Co. v. TCI Pacific Communications, Inc.

11-CV-0252 (N.D. Okla., February 2015)

Energy & Environment Legal Institute v. Epel

11-cv-00859 (D. Colo., May 2014)

Entergy Nuclear Vermont Yankee, LLC v. Shumlin

12-4659 (2d Cir., December 2013)

In re Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether Products Liability Litigation

1:00-1898 (S.D.N.Y., November 2015)

In re Pesticide Action Network North America

14-72794 (9th Cir., August 2015)

Midwest Environmental Defense Center, Inc. v. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

12CV3352 (Wis. Cir. Ct., September 2013)

Montana Environmental Information Center v. Montana Department of Environmental Quality

2012-1075 (Mont. Dist. Ct., March 2016)

Native Village of Point Hope v. Jewell

12-35287 (9th Cir., January 2014)

Northern States Power Co. v. City of Ashland

12-cv-602 (W.D. Wis., March 2015)

PCS Phosphate Co. v. American Home Assurance Co.

5:14-cv-99 (E.D.N.C., April 2016)

Rocky Mountain Helium, LLC v. United States

No. 2016-1278 (Fed. Cir., November 2016)

Rodriguez v. Abruzzo

3:12-cv-1458 (M.D. Pa., June 2014)

Sierra Club v. South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

5253 (S,C,, July 2014)

United States v. Bengis

1-03-cf-00308 (S.D.N.Y., June 2013)