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Weekly Cases Update Volume 48, Issue 6

United States v. Atlantic Richfield Co.

48 ELR 20023
14-cv-312 (N.D. Ind., February 2018)

A district court held that residents of the West Calumet Housing Complex in East Chicago cannot intervene in a CERCLA settlement agreement after the agreement was approved. In 2016, residents of the housing complex were told to evacuate the complex because of severe contamination from the USS...

Contaminated Sites/Brownfields, Settlements, §122

Hopi Tribe v. Ariz. Snowbowl Resort LLP

48 ELR 20019
1 CA-CV 16-0521 (Ariz. Ct. App., February 2018)

The Arizona Court of Appeals held that a tribe may proceed with its nuisance claim against a ski resort for its use of reclaimed wastewater to make artificial snow. In 2002, the ski resort contracted to purchase reclaimed wastewater for the purpose of making artificial snow. In 2005, the Forest...

Cultural resources, Nuisance, Quality