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Financial Assurance Mandates: A Mechanism to Prevent Climate-Induced Industrial Disaster

ELR Article

The challenge of inducing risk reduction and adaptation practice is not a purely environmental one, but the vast impacts of acute and chronic environmental events and changes associated with climate change extend across socioeconomic...

Applying a FAMiliar Question of Climate Change Scope and Scale: Financial Assurance Mandates and Coastal Risk Management

ELR Article

Just as our coasts have been defined and shaped by their surrounding lands and waters, the future scale and scope of climate change impacts in any one location will—in part—be defined by geography and surrounding landscape. Zachary...

The Future of FAMs

ELR Article

Zachary Arnold’s proposal of a policy framework to prevent coastal industrial disasters is quite timely, coming as it does after the 2017 hurricane season on the East Coast, followed by the equally devastating wildfire season in the...

Financial Assurance Mandates: No Substitute for Agency Expertise and Oversight

ELR Article

Zachary Arnold’s article on financial assurance mandates (FAMs) highlights an important issue of growing urgency: the exposure of industrial facilities—-many with toxic products or by-products—to risks of flooding exacerbated by sea-...

Preventing Industrial Disasters in a Time of Climate Change: A Call for Financial Assurance Mandates

ELR Article

Financial assurance mandates (FAMs) may help induce coastal industries to invest in climate change adaptation. FAMs require companies to prove that they can pay for the liabilities they may incur—whether by drawing on their own...