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The Trump Administration’s First Steps Toward Streamlining Environmental Reviews

On August 15, 2017, President Donald Trump issued an Executive Order entitled “Establishing Discipline and Accountability in the Environmental Review and Permitting Process for Infrastructure Projects," which seeks to expedite federal...

Environmental Law From the Inside: Local Perspective, Local Potential

Perception and experience are important to understanding the relevance and effectiveness of how we relate to and regulate our natural surroundings. This Article uses the term “insider” environmental law to distinguish local...

Environmental Protection in Indian Country: The Fundamentals

Tribes and Native villages are demonstrating reinvigorated environmental activism as they face new pressures on the natural resources many depend on for their economic and cultural livelihood. From the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s...

Back to Basics or Slash and Burn? Scott Pruitt’s Reign as EPA Administrator

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt describes his philosophy as “back to basics." Although Pruitt’s words suggest a renewed focus on the fundamentals of environmental protection, his actions tell a different story. Instead of doubling down...

How Cheap Is Corporate Talk? Comparing Companies’ Comments on Regulations With Their Securities Disclosures

When a public company describes the impact of a proposed regulation it must consider two audiences: regulators and investors. These conflicting incentives may lead to inconsistent messages. Oil companies facing costly regulations tailor...

More Walk, Less Talk: Comment on How Cheap Is Corporate Talk?

This Comment attempts to mitigate the disconnect between company sustainability reports and risk statements in their Annual Reports using the "two audience" dilemma discussed in Colemans "How Cheap Is Corporate Talk? Comparing Companies...

A Bridge Too Near: Response to How Cheap Is Corporate Talk?

This Comment discusses the far-reaching implications of Prof. James Coleman's study of the corporate "two audience" problem.

Puffery or Promises: When Is Cheap Talk Actionable?

This Comment provides an overview of the securities disclosures framework and how upcoming regulations might fit in.

The President’s Budget as a Source of Agency Policy Control

This Article expands the view of centralized control of the administrative state by describing, categorizing, and analyzing the processes by which OMB uses the budget to get "in the stream of every policy decision made by the federal...

Comment on The President’s Budget as a Source of Agency Policy Control

This Comment critiques the OMB reforms suggested by Prof. Eloise Pasachoff.

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