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Weekly Cases Update Volume 47, Issue 3

Hawkes Co., Inc. v. U. S. Army Corps of Engineers

47 ELR 20014
13-107 ADM/TNL (D. Minn., January 2017)

A district court granted summary judgment in favor of a mining company in a case involving the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' determination that wetlands intended to be mined of peat had a significant nexus to waters of the United States. The mine obtained an approved jurisdictional determination...

Navigable waters

United States v. Amereen Missouri Inc.

47 ELR 20015
4:11 CV 77 RWS (D. Mo., January 2017)

A district court held that an energy company violated the CAA when it undertook major modifications at its power plant without getting the proper permits and installing the best available pollution control technology. The energy company operated a plant that included two grandfathered coal-fired...

Clean Air Act (CAA)

Comm. To Protect Our Agricultural Water v. Occidental Oil and Gas Corp.

47 ELR 20013
1:15-cv-01323-DAD-JLT (E.D. Cal. , January 2017)

A district court dismissed a case alleging racketeering and civil rights violations against state officials and oil companies in connection with illegal increases in oil production to maximize profits and tax revenue and allowing the injection of salt water into fresh water in violation of the...

Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA)