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water rights

Hawkins v. Bernhardt

ELR Case

A district court dismissed a lawsuit challenging two protocol agreements entered into by Native American tribes and the Bureau of Indian Affairs that established procedures for enforcement of the tribes' water rights in the Upper...

Texas: Water (generally)

ELR State Update Item

Ministerio Roca Solida, Inc. v. United States

ELR Case

The U.S. Claims Court granted in part and denied in part the U.S. government's motion for summary judgment in a challenge against FWS for rerouting spring waters that had previously flowed through church property into a restoration...

H.R. 579

ELR Congressional Update

H.R. 7034

ELR Congressional Update

Texas v. New Mexico

ELR Case

The U.S. Supreme Court held that the United States may pursue claims against New Mexico for violating the Rio Grande Compact, which Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas entered into in the 1930s to resolve disputes over water rights. Texas...

Montana v. Wyoming

ELR Case

The U.S. Supreme Court, in an unsigned judgment and decree, ordered Wyoming to pay Montana $20,340 in damages, plus $67,270.87 in costs, for reducing the amount of water available in the Tongue River in violation of the Yellowstone...

Navajo Nation v. DOI

ELR Case

The Ninth Circuit upheld a lower court's dismissal of a tribe's NEPA challenge to a DOI guidance that did not consider its interest when allocating the water rights of the Colorado River. The tribe contended that it was unlawfully...

S. 140, Bill Introduced

ELR Congressional Update

Inefficient Efficiency: Crying Over Spilled Water

ELR Article

As the drought in western states worsens, the agricultural sector is being criticized for failing to adopt technical responses, such as shifting to less waterdemanding crops and state-of-the-art irrigation systems. However, these...

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