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H.R. 8256

ELR Congressional Update

Neighbors Against Bison Slaughter v. National Park Service

ELR Case

A district court denied a neighborhood group's request to temporarily block bison hunting near Yellowstone National Park. The group argued that NPS and USDA violated NEPA when they authorized an annual bison hunt at a location on the...

Western Watersheds Project v. Schneider

ELR Case

A district court denied a motion to dismiss or transfer a lawsuit concerning greater sage-grouse habitat management plans. Environmental groups argued that BLM violated NEPA, FLPMA, and the National Forest Management Act when it issued...

Western Watersheds Project v. Interior Board of Land Appeals

ELR Case

An Idaho district court transferred venue in a challenge to BLM's decision to renew livestock grazing permits for an allotment in northern Utah and to the Interior Board of Land Appeals' (IBLA's) reinstatement of that decision. An...

New York v. Pruitt

ELR Case

A district court denied the U.S. government's request to transfer to the Southern District of Texas two cases challenging the Trump Administration's delay of the Clean Water Rule. One lawsuit was brought by the state of New York, and...

United States v. Canal Barge Co.

ELR Case

The Sixth Circuit held that a lower court erred in acquitting defendants convicted for violating the Ports and Waterways Safety Act in connection with a benzene leak from a barge in the Mississippi River. The defendants were convicted...