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trophy hunting

Friends of Animals v. Bernhardt

ELR Case

The D.C. Circuit upheld FWS' withdrawal of prior findings for elephant trophy hunting in southern Africa. Conservation groups argued that FWS violated the APA by withdrawing its prior findings without providing notice and comment. The...

Dallas Safari Club v. Bernhardt

ELR Case

A district court denied a motion for a preliminary injunction in a challenge against FWS' failure to act on pending elephant trophy import permit applications. Hunting and tourism groups and elephant sport hunters sought an injunction...

Safari Club International v. Department of Interior

ELR Case

The D.C. Circuit reversed a lower court decision that two hunting organizations could not challenge FWS’ indefinite suspension of import permits of African elephant trophies from Tanzania. The hunters challenged FWS’ 2014 suspension on...

S. 561, Bill Introduced

ELR Congressional Update