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Trade Law

Fixing a Broken System That Promotes Climate Change and Depletion of Global Fisheries: WTO Subsidy Reform Is Just the Tip of the (Melting) Iceberg

ELR Article

Our planet is hurtling toward dramatic and devastating impacts from climate change caused in large part by our reliance on fossil fuels. Meanwhile, liberalized trading rules have promoted a global economy heavily reliant on trade, which...

Selective Enforcement of Trade Laws: A Problem in Need of Fixing to Advance Environmental Goals?

ELR Article

Prof. Timothy Meyer has written a thought-provoking article about how governments selectively enforce trade laws in ways that undermine environmental interests. He argues trade enforcement against products with social benefits (i.e.,...

Free Trade, Fair Trade, and Selective Enforcement

ELR Article

The notion of “fair” trade implies that trade agreements should protect values other than pure trade liberalization. But which values must be protected in order for trade to be “fair”? This Article makes two novel contributions. First,...

Proposal for a Multilateral Border Carbon Adjustment Scheme That Is Consistent With WTO Law

ELR Article

As the world considers how to respond to the Trump Administration’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement, one possible policy response is the adoption of border carbon adjustment (BCA) schemes that are compatible with...