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statutory authority

Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy v. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

ELR Case

In an unpublished opinion, a state appellate court upheld the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' rules under which the permit for a copper-nickel-platinum mine was issued. Environmental groups challenged the rules, asserting...

Marcellus Shale Coalition v. Department of Environmental Protection of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

ELR Case

A Pennsylvania state court granted in part and denied in part an industry trade group's challenge to state rules governing hydraulic fracturing near playgrounds. The group argued that the rules' definitions for "common areas of a school...

Natural Resources Defense Council v. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

ELR Case

The Second Circuit vacated a rule published by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indefinitely delaying a previously published rule that increased civil penalties for noncompliance with Corporate Average Fuel Economy...

H.R. 3880, Bill Introduced

ELR Congressional Update