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solar net metering

Retail Net Metering: It’s Time to Get It Right for All Customers

ELR Article

Surely net metering has played an important role in the story about solar development in the United States. But, as a policy, net metering is the equivalent of looking in the rearview mirror. If we want a dynamic, responsive energy...

Distributed Generation and the Minnesota Value of Solar Tariff

ELR Article

Prof. Richard L. Revesz and Dr. Burcin Unel propose an “Avoided Cost Plus Social Benefit” valuation protocol for clean distributed energy. Their article establishes that distributed generation (DG) provides a suite of benefits to the...

The Future of Distributed Generation: Moving Past Net Metering

ELR Article

Utilities concerned about lost revenues have begun urging state legislatures and public service commissions to impose fixed charges for net metering customers and to decrease the rate of compensation those customers receive for the...

Throwing Shade: The Case Against Judicial Interference With Solar Net Metering Policies

ELR Article

Electric utilities are increasingly invoking the takings clause, general notions of fairness, and fears of a “death spiral” in their attempts to erode the efficacy of net metering policies. This Article considers each of these arguments...