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Renewable Energy

H.R. 3794

ELR Congressional Update

S. 4603

ELR Congressional Update

Maine: Energy (generally)

ELR State Update Item

H.R. 7330

ELR Congressional Update

Joint Application of Westar Energy, Inc. and Kansas Gas and Electric Co.

ELR Case

The Kansas Supreme Court held unlawful a rate design approved by the Kansas Corporation Commission under which utilities charged residential customers generating their own electricity from a renewable source (DG customers) a higher...

H.R. 6167

ELR Congressional Update

Renewable Energy: Corporate Obstacles and Opportunities

ELR Article

In the absence of a national mandate to intensify use of renewable energy, many corporations are increasing their own reliance on renewables. Numerous utilities are likewise transitioning toward wind, thermal, and solar power. But...

85 FR 9479

ELR Federal Agency Update

S. 1890

ELR Congressional Update
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