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procedural injury

Ksanka Kupaqa Xa'cin v. United States Fish and Wildlife Service

ELR Case

A district court denied summary judgment in a lawsuit concerning potential harms to local trout populations from a proposed copper and silver mine in Montana. Environmental groups and a Native American tribe argued that FWS violated the...

Western Watersheds Project v. Grimm

ELR Case

The Ninth Circuit reversed a dismissal of a lawsuit brought by conservation groups to enjoin USDA from killing gray wolves in Idaho pending additional NEPA analysis. The groups argued before the district court that the agency violated...

Center for Biological Diversity v. Export-Import Bank

ELR Case

The Ninth Circuit upheld a lower court decision rejecting environmental groups' claim that Export-Import Bank violated the ESA and the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA). The groups argued that the agency failed to follow proper...

Montana Environmental Information Center v. United States Bureau of Land Management

ELR Case

The Ninth Circuit vacated and remanded a lower court decision that environmental groups lacked standing to challenge BLM...