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private governance

Herding Cats: Governing Distributed Innovation [Abstract]

ELR Article

Do-It-Yourself biology, 3D printing, and the sharing economy are equipping ordinary people with new powers to shape their biological, physical, and social environments. This phenomenon of distributed innovation is yielding new goods and...

Sustainability in the Trump Era: Corporate, Global, and Enforcement Perspectives

ELR Article

To commemorate Earth Day, Paul Hastings LLP hosted a panel discussion on April 18, 2017, featuring three prominent attorneys with extensive and diverse experience in environmental counseling and litigation. The panelists reflected on...

Interviews With Private Governance Experts

ELR Article

Corporations and other nongovernmental entities now regularly work to develop voluntary agreements, standards, and other practices aimed at fostering sustainability and reducing environmental impacts. This growth in “private governance...

A Summit on Private Environmental Governance: Facing the Challenges of Voluntary Standards, Supply Chains, and Green Marketing

ELR Article

On June 10, 2013, ELI, the Advertising Self-Regulatory Council, and the Council of Better Business Bureaus cosponsored a conference to provide an overview and to initiate a dialogue about the legal issues taking shape amidst the growing...

The Emergence of Private Environmental Governance

ELR Article

Environmental law has long been viewed as a public law field, with policymakers and practitioners conditioned to look to government for solutions to environmental
problems, but private governance is playing an increasingly...

Private Governance of Green Claims in the Marketplace: The Role of NAD and Advertising Self-Regulation

ELR Article

Private environmental governance encompasses a broad range of private actors creating systems and mechanisms for promoting various environmental or “green” attributes. Increasingly, companies are conducting life-cycle analyses,...