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outer continental shelf

H.R. 3585

ELR Congressional Update

S. 1318

ELR Congressional Update

S. 1304

ELR Congressional Update

S. 1296

ELR Congressional Update

Modernizing Management of Offshore Oil and Gas in Federal Waters

ELR Article

Offshore drilling has been thrust back into the spotlight by the Trump Administration’s focus on “energy dominance.” While it is unlikely that leasing will take place in all areas included in the Administration’s proposed plan, its...

League of Conservation Voters v. Trump

ELR Case

A district court vacated a provision of President Trump's 2017 Executive Order that reopened Alaska's Beaufort and Chukchi seas and canyon areas in the Atlantic Ocean to oil and gas exploration. Environmental groups argued the president...

H.R. 1941

ELR Congressional Update

S. 828

ELR Congressional Update

84 FR 8628

ELR Federal Agency Update
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