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offshore drilling

H.R. 653

ELR Congressional Update

Center for Biological Diversity v. Bernhardt

ELR Case

The Ninth Circuit vacated the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management’s (BOEM’s) approval of an offshore drilling and production facility in the Beaufort Sea. Environmental groups argued that BOEM violated NEPA by arbitrarily and capriciously...

S. 1523

ELR Congressional Update

84 FR 21908

ELR Federal Agency Update

S. 1318

ELR Congressional Update

S. 1304

ELR Congressional Update

Modernizing Management of Offshore Oil and Gas in Federal Waters

ELR Article

Offshore drilling has been thrust back into the spotlight by the Trump Administration’s focus on “energy dominance.” While it is unlikely that leasing will take place in all areas included in the Administration’s proposed plan, its...

Environmental Defense Center v. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management

ELR Case

A district court denied an offshore drilling platform operator's motion to reconsider the court's previous ruling that barred the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) from issuing offshore drilling permits until it conducted further...

H.R. 1941

ELR Congressional Update

H.R. 341

ELR Congressional Update
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