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Giovanni v. United States Department of the Navy

ELR Case

A district court granted the U.S. Navy's motion to dismiss a lawsuit concerning the release of perfluorochemicals from naval facilities in eastern Pennsylvania. Families in neighborhoods near the facilities argued that the Navy...

San Diego Navy Broadway Complex Coalition v. United States Department of Defense

ELR Case

The Ninth Circuit held that the government complied with NEPA when it issued a FONSI in connection with the redevelopment of a 15-acre waterfront site owned by the U.S. Navy in downtown San Diego. The site serves as the home to several...

80 FR 73555

ELR Federal Agency Update

Myers v. United States

ELR Case

A district court, in a 120-page decision, dismissed claims that the U.S. Navy negligently exposed a child to thallium dust during its cleanup of a contaminated landfill site. The child's family, which lived next to the site, alleged...

United States v. 32.42 Acres of Land

ELR Case

The Ninth Circuit held that the United States can extinguish California's public trust rights when exercising its federal power of eminent domain. The case involves 32.42 acres of land that the U.S. Navy has continuously leased from...

Sánchez v. United States

ELR Case

The First Circuit upheld the dismissal of residents' Federal Tort Claims Act (FTCA) against the United States in connection with the Navy's alleged negligence in emitting certain pollutants during military exercises at a naval...

Guam Preservation Trust v. Gregory

ELR Case

A district court, in an underlying NEPA suit, denied the Navy's request for a voluntary remand for further consideration of the...