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natural resources and peacebuilding

Building or Spoiling Peace? Lessons From the Management of High-Value Natural Resources

ELR Article

The management of high-value natural resources in post-conflict situations depends, among other things, on the context, including the causes and trajectory of the conflict; the characteristics of the natural resources in question and...

Commerce in the Chaos: Bananas, Charcoal, Fisheries, and Conflict in Somalia

ELR Article

This chapter examines how, over the course of nearly 20 years, the production and trade of three natural resources has contributed to the ongoing conflict in Somalia and could ultimately contribute to its resolution. While this use of...

Addressing the Roots of Liberia’s Conflict Through the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

ELR Article

The Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) sets a global standard for transparency in the management of oil, gas, and mining revenues. In many resource-rich countries, especially those that are recovering from civil war,...

Mitigating Risks and Realizing Opportunities: Environmental and Social Standards for Foreign Direct Investment in High-Value Natural Resources

ELR Article

In the wake of conflict, there is a risk that resource extraction will have destabilizing impacts by damaging the environment, preventing local people from accessing the
resources that they depend on, or fostering tension about the...

Natural Resources and Peacebuilding: The Role of the Private Sector

ELR Article

Corporate participation in peacebuilding can be vital, but measures have to be taken to prevent companies from aggravating conflicts. This chapter illustrates how private investments can promote peacebuilding by contributing to economic...