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National Environmental Policy Act

Dine Citizens Against Ruining Our Environment v. Bureau of Indian Affairs

ELR Case

The Ninth Circuit upheld dismissal of a lawsuit challenging a set of agency decisions that reauthorized coal mining activities on lands reserved to the Navajo Nation. In the district court, environmental groups argued that the agencies...

Western Watersheds Project v. Bernhardt

ELR Case

A district court issued a temporary restraining order forbidding BLM from permitting a ranching company to use two grazing allotments that had been authorized by the Secretary of the Interior in response to a presidential pardon of the...

H.R. 1732

ELR Congressional Update

Wilderness Society v. United States Forest Service

ELR Case

The Ninth Circuit abandoned the "federal defendant" rule, which categorically prohibits private parties and state and local governments from intervening of right on the merits of NEPA claims. The case arose out of the U.S. Forest...

75 FR 79961

ELR Federal Agency Update

National Environmental Policy Act

ELR Statute

NEPA establishes a broad national framework for protecting the environment of the United States.