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Remarks on The Military-Environmental Complex

ELR Article

The U.S. Army Office of Energy Initiatives is the central management office for large scale renewable energy projects leveraging third-party financing to bring energy resiliency to our Army installations. I would like to thank Professor...

No Such Thing as a Green War or a Bad Peace

ELR Article

While U.S. military operations in the 21st century have largely been spared the nefarious results of “eclipses of the sun,” the central point of Thucydides’ account of a war that happened more than 2,000 years ago still holds: war is a...

The Military-Environmental Complex

ELR Article

Two competing theories vie for dominance regarding the relationship between the U.S. military and the natural environment. On the one hand, because legal rules permit the military to disregard environmental laws when they conflict with...

H.R. 2237, Bill Introduced

ELR Congressional Update