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manufactured gas plant

Northern Illinois Gas Co. v. City of Evanston

ELR Case

A district court dismissed a city's RCRA action against two power and gas companies concerning a methane gas leak from natural gas pipelines and waste oil contamination from a former manufacturing gas plant. Because methane gas does not...

Peoples Gas Light & Coke Co. v. Beazer East, Inc.

ELR Case

The Seventh Circuit held that a utility may not seek contribution against a corporation for remediation costs the utility incurred at a former coke plant that was operated by the corporation's predecessor more than 90 years ago. In 1920...

Boston Gas Co. v. Century Indemnity Co.

ELR Case

The First Circuit, in a case involving an insurance company's obligations to its insured for damages stemming from contamination at a former manufactured gas plant, upheld a lower court decision allocating damages evenly across the 121-...