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Anthony Wayne Corp. v. Elco Industries, Inc.

ELR Case

A district court denied a manufacturing company's motion to dismiss a landowner's state law claims against it for breach of contract and for waste, but granted the company's motion to dismiss the landowner's claims for cleanup costs...

Whiteman v. Chesapeake Appalachia, L.L.C.

ELR Case

The Fourth Circuit affirmed a lower court decision dismissing farmer's West Virginia common law trespass claims against a natural gas company. The landowners sought an injunction and damages stemming from on the company's drilling and...

Sweet Lake Land & Oil Co. v. Exxon Mobil Corp.

ELR Case

A district court held that an oil company is liable for property damages caused by its predecessor-in-interest who conducted oil and gas exploration and production activities on the site under three subleases. Article 128 of the...

Aera Energy LLC v. Salazar

ELR Case

The D.C. Circuit upheld an Interior Board of Land Appeals decision refusing to reinstate four oil and gas leases off the California...

1031 Lapeer LLC v. Price

ELR Case

A Michigan appellate court voided a 10-year-old commercial lease between the landlord and tenant of a gas station because the landlord failed to disclose that the property is, under Michigan law, a "facility" from which hazardous...