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land use

Oregon: Energy

ELR State Update Item

Ross v. California Coastal Commission

ELR Case

A California appellate court held that the California Coastal Commission complied with the California Coastal Act and the California Environmental Quality Act when it certified a coastal development project along beachfront dune...

Place-Based National Forest Legislation and Agreements: Common Characteristics and Policy Recommendations

ELR Article

Throughout the country, divergent interests are collaborating about how they would like particular national forests to be managed. Some of these initiatives are seeking place-based legislation as a way to secure such agreements...

Submerged Lands Act, §3

ELR Statute

The SLA, §3 verifies that states own the lands beneath the navigable waters within their boundaries.

Selected Statutory Provisions Governing the Administration of the National Parks

ELR Statute

These provisions pertain to the National Park Service (Department of the Interior), which is charged with the management of the National Park System.

Taylor Grazing Act

ELR Statute

The TGA protects and regulates public grazing lands in order to minimize overgrazing and soil deterioration, and stabilize the livestock industry.

Public Rangelands Improvement Act

ELR Statute

The PRIA establishes a national policy and commitment to improve the conditions on public rangelands, requires a national inventory and consistent federal management policies, and provides funds for range improvement projects.

General Exchange Act of 1922

ELR Statute

The GEA permitted the Secretary of the Interior to  acquire lands outside of the boundaries of current national parks that were deemed to be of national-forest purposes interest.

Federal Land Policy and Management Act

ELR Statute

The FLPMA governs the way in which the public lands administered by the Bureau of Land Management are managed.