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Judges’ Reflections for the 8th World Water Forum

Environmental Rule of Law and the Critical Role of Courts in Achieving Sustainability in Water Resources (Introduction to Judges’ Reflections for the 8th World Water Forum)

ELR Article

This year’s 8th World Water Forum in Brazil—the largest gathering on this subject, held every three years—will for the first time bring judges and prosecutors together with policymakers from around the world to discuss the precarious...

Climate Change and the Judge as Water Trustee

ELR Article

Humanity’s quest to achieve orderly mitigation of and adaptation to climate change is dependent upon the just application of the environmental rule of law—the legal framework that protects and sustains the environment on which life...

Recent Developments in Environmental Jurisprudence Affecting Water in Africa

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This Comment is a compendium of select recent cases pertaining to water in Africa, and details how these cases have contributed to the interpretation of the legal framework within which water is utilized and protected as a “common good...

Is Integrated Water Management on Track in the European Union?

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Although major progress has been made in water management compared with the sometimes dramatic situation in the 1960s and 1970s, much has still to be done to achieve the ambitious objectives of European Union (EU) water law. Climate...

The Conflict Over the River Atuel in Argentina

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In a historic ruling that began to shape the solution to a conflict that has been going on for more than 70 years, the Supreme Court of Argentina ordered in 2017 that the province of Mendoza, together with the province of La Pampa,...

Water Justice: The Case of Brazil

ELR Article

The main proposition of this Comment, which focuses on the Brazilian experience and the jurisprudence of the National High Court of Brazil (STJ), is that we must develop a water justice system. To some extent, this would be a novel...