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injunctive relief

84 FR 20660

ELR Federal Agency Update

83 FR 56104

ELR Federal Agency Update

In re Taylor

ELR Case

A federal bankruptcy court issued a supplementary opinion to clarify its prior ruling that environmental groups' claims for declaratory and injunctive relief under the CWA and RCRA would not be "debts" as defined by the Bankruptcy Code...

Nucor Steel-Arkansas v. Big River Steel, LLC

ELR Case

The Eighth Circuit affirmed a lower court decision dismissing a steel company's CAA citizen lawsuit seeking injunctive relief to stop a competitor from constructing or continuing to construct a steel mill. Arkansas's environmental...

How “Extraordinary” Is Injunctive Relief in Environmental Litigation? A Practitioner’s Perspective

ELR Article

Despite recent efforts by the U.S. Supreme Court to emphasize the “drastic and extraordinary” nature of injunctive relief, many lower federal courts continue to issue injunctions in cases alleging harm to the environment as if...

Tyco Thermal Controls LLC v. Redwood Industrials

ELR Case

A district court held that the owner of PCB-contaminated property is not entitled to injunctive relief under RCRA compelling the former owner to either pay for future cleanup costs at the property or take over remediation in its...

76 FR 5609

ELR Federal Agency Update