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Ladra v. New Dominion, LLC

ELR Case

The Supreme Court of Oklahoma held that a woman injured in a 2011 earthquake may go forward with her suit against two energy companies for allegedly causing the quake due to hydraulic fracturing operations. A lower court dismissed the...

Colorado Oil & Gas Ass'n v. City of Lafayette, Colorado

ELR Case

A Colorado court held that the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Act preempts a city's ban on all oil and gas extraction and related activities within the city's boundaries. The court held that the operational conflict in this case was...

Gorsline v. Board of Supervisors of Fairfield Township

ELR Case

A Pennsylvania court vacated and reversed a town's decision to issue a special use permit allowing an energy company to construct and operate an unconventional natural gas well pad near landowners' private property. The landowners...

Joint Landowners Coalition of New York v. Cuomo

ELR Case

A New York court dismissed mineral rights owners' lawsuit seeking to compel the state to finalize its supplemental EIS on hydraulic fracturing. The owners filed the lawsuit under the State Environmental Quality Review Act (SEQRA),...

Wallach v. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation

ELR Case

A New York court dismissed a lawsuit seeking to compel the state to finalize its supplemental EIS on hydraulic fracturing. The trustee to a bankrupt energy company filed the lawsuit, claiming that the company's bankruptcy and inability...

Rodriguez v. Abruzzo

ELR Case

A district court held that a doctor lacks standing to challenge a Pennsylvania law that prohibits doctors from disclosing the mixture of chemical fluids used during hydraulic fracturing when treating patients for chemical exposure....

Energy Corp. USA v. Town of Dryden

ELR Case

New York's highest court held that local governments may ban oil and gas production activities, including hydraulic fracturing, through the adoption of local zoning laws. The case arose after two towns enacted zoning laws banning...

Tug of War Over Colorado’s Energy Future: State Preemption of Local Fracking Bans

ELR Article

Colorado is one of the epicenters of hydraulic fracturing in the United States. In addition to promising a lower carbon fuel source and increased domestic energy security, this development has attracted opposition from local citizens...