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greenhouse gas emissions

The Legal and Administrative Risks of Climate Regulation

ELR Article

Prioritizing federal environmental regulation as the primary means of achieving dramatic, rapid reductions in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions may be a strategic mistake. Regulatory mandates, particularly if based upon existing statutory...

H.R. 3097

ELR Congressional Update

California v. Environmental Protection Agency

ELR Case

The D.C. Circuit granted the Biden Administration's motion to voluntarily vacate and remand the Trump Administration's 2021 rule limiting facilities that the U.S. government could regulate for greenhouse gas emissions.

Using Blockchain to Address the IPCC’S Climate Change Mitigation Strategies

ELR Article

Many believe blockchain technologies (BCTs) will soon permeate our lives. In particular, they can be utilized to help tackle global climate change. This Article provides a baseline description of BCTs, and ways they can be utilized to...

S. 685

ELR Congressional Update

State Clean Transportation Initiatives

ELR Article

The United States is experiencing a wave of state-led clean transportation initiatives that are gaining substantial momentum. Faced with insufficient federal action, states started focusing their efforts on the sector that produces the...

86 FR 10252

ELR Federal Agency Update

Aji P. v. Washington

ELR Case

A Washington appellate court affirmed a lower court's dismissal of a lawsuit filed by young Washingtonians alleging a right to a clean environment and stable climate. Specifically, plaintiffs requested that the court order the state to...

H.R. 862

ELR Congressional Update
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