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85 FR 57853

ELR Federal Agency Update

85 FR 35510

ELR Federal Agency Update

85 FR 33026

ELR Federal Agency Update

85 FR 10643

ELR Federal Agency Update

85 FR 10371

ELR Federal Agency Update

Advisory Opinion to the Attorney General re Right to Competitive Energy Market For Customers of Investor-Owned Utilities; Allowing Energy Choice

ELR Case

In an advisory opinion to Florida's attorney general, the Florida high court concluded that a proposed initiative to amend the Florida Constitution to restructure the state's electricity markets should not be placed on the ballot. The...

H. Res. 112

ELR Congressional Update

H.R. 286

ELR Congressional Update

Castles—and Roads—in the Sand: Do All Roads Lead to a “Taking”?

ELR Article

The law has been slow to acknowledge the unprecedented nature of sea-level rise. Unless and until the law adapts, past case law on coastal hazards exacerbated by sea-level rise provides the best guidance. This Article critically...

H. Res. 1087

ELR Congressional Update
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