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H.R. 8572

ELR Congressional Update

H.R. 4271, Bill Introduced

ELR Congressional Update

Snyder v. Ohio Department of Natural Resources

ELR Case

The Ohio Supreme Court held that a mineral rights owner may be able to strip mine portions of a state wildlife area. The state and the mineral rights owner entered a contract granting the owner “all mineral rights, including rights of...

77 FR 427

ELR Federal Agency Update

Dominion Resources, Inc. v. United States

ELR Case

The Federal Circuit upheld a lower court decision awarding an energy company $42.7 million for the government's breach of contract...

1031 Lapeer LLC v. Price

ELR Case

A Michigan appellate court voided a 10-year-old commercial lease between the landlord and tenant of a gas station because the landlord failed to disclose that the property is, under Michigan law, a "facility" from which hazardous...