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Can't We All Just Get Along?: How Diversified Investors and Companies Can Maintain Their Fiduciary Duty in a Climate Crisis

ELR Article

Madison Condon’s Externalities and the Common Owner warrants serious attention and consideration by a broad variety of stakeholders—investors, public policymakers, academics, and citizens concerned about the systemic risks...

Growing ESG Risks: The Rise of Litigation

ELR Article

As companies increase their environmental, social, governance (ESG) reporting and statements in response to market and shareholder demands, plaintiffs have pursued with growing success legal challenges to company claims and disclosures...

Principles Plus SASB Standards

ELR Article

Prof. Jill E. Fisch has authored an excellent piece about sustainability disclosure. Her proposal to mandate a new Sustainability Disclosure and Analysis section of SEC filings is an interesting idea for improving the disclosures that...

The Need for SEC Rules on ESG Risk Disclosure

ELR Article

Sustainability disclosure is at an impasse. Today’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure is not delivering the decision-useful information financial markets need, yet the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) so...

Making Mandatory Sustainability Disclosure a Reality

ELR Article

As we have come to expect from Prof. Jill Fisch, her recent article entitled Making Sustainability Disclosure Sustainable introduces a novel and thoughtful policy proposal on a matter of critical importance to investors....