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climate liability

New York, City of v. Chevron Corp.

ELR Case

The Second Circuit affirmed dismissal of a lawsuit seeking damages from oil companies for harms caused by climate change. New York City sued the companies under state tort law to recover damages caused by the companies' legal commercial...

Minnesota v. American Petroleum Institute

ELR Case

A district court granted a state's motion to remand to state court a climate change lawsuit against oil and gas companies. Minnesota sued the companies in state court under state common law and consumer protection statutes, arguing the...

Honolulu, City & County of v. Sunoco LP

ELR Case

The Ninth Circuit denied oil companies' motions to stay a district court order remanding to state court two lawsuits alleging the companies concealed the dangers of fossil fuels to the climate. The companies argued that if the suits...

Honolulu, City and County of v. Sunoco LP

ELR Case

A district court remanded to state court climate liability lawsuits brought by the city and county of Honolulu and the county of Maui against oil companies. The companies argued the suits should remain in federal court because...

Environmental Rights, Public Trust, and Public Nuisance: Addressing Climate Injustices Through State Climate Liability Litigation

ELR Article

This Article focuses on an area of rapidly evolving jurisprudence—climate liability litigation. It examines in depth the state attorney general’s complaint filed in Rhode Island v. Chevron Corp. in 2018, alleging various state-...