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Climate Change

Environmental Law, Disrupted by COVID-19

ELR Article

For over a year, the COVID-19 pandemic and concerns about systemic racial injustice have highlighted the conflicts and opportunities currently faced by environmental law. Scientists uniformly predict that environmental degradation,...

86 FR 12410

ELR Federal Agency Update

Time Has Come Today for Environmental and Climate Justice Legislation

ELR Article

Faced with interconnected crises—affordable housing, and environmental and climate injustice—in low-income, disadvantaged, and Black and Brown communities, this Comment asserts that President Joseph Biden should adopt the same or...

ELI 2020 Corporate Forum: Reimagining Supply Chains

ELR Article

The coronavirus pandemic, the push for racial justice, and continued efforts to mitigate climate change have emerged as key challenges for corporations. At the center of this trifecta of change are supply chains; onequarter of the...

Governing the Gasoline Spigot: Gas Stations and the Transition Away From Gasoline

ELR Article

Gas stations are America’s largest carbon spigot, a leading source of neighborhood-based pollution, and a sacred cow. This Article takes a comprehensive look at gas stations through the lens of the climate crisis and the rise of...

Measuring Environmental Justice: Analysis of Progress Under Presidents Bush, Obama, and Trump

ELR Article

President Donald Trump’s environmental policies appear detrimental to the environmental justice (EJ) movement, but little work has been done to test their true impact on EJ. This Article offers a method for evaluating progress (or lack...

How President Trump's War on Science Undermines Cost-Benefit Analysis of Climate Policies

ELR Article

This Article discusses the Trump Administration’s main actions to undermine the role of science in public policy and the consequences for cost-benefit analysis involving climate change policies. It analyzes the specific attacks on...

WildEarth Guardians v. Bernhardt

ELR Case

A district court granted in part nonprofit groups' motion for summary judgment in a lawsuit concerning BLM's review of cumulative climate impacts of oil and gas leases in Wyoming. The groups argued that BLM's supplemental EA prepared in...

But Flooding is Different: Takings Liability for Flooding in the Era of Climate Change

ELR Article

With the increased risk of flooding due to climate change, potential liability from construction and maintenance of flood control measures is a major consideration governments must consider when planning and building them. This Article...