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Climate Change

H.R. 4737

ELR Congressional Update

S. 2893

ELR Congressional Update

H.R. 4823

ELR Congressional Update

Strategizing Against the Flame: What’s Next for California’s Wildfires?

ELR Article

The 2018 wildfire season was the deadliest and most destructive on record in California, destroying thousands of structures. Gov. Gavin Newsom created a strike force to develop a comprehensive strategy to address the destabilizing...

Fixing a Broken System That Promotes Climate Change and Depletion of Global Fisheries: WTO Subsidy Reform Is Just the Tip of the (Melting) Iceberg

ELR Article

Our planet is hurtling toward dramatic and devastating impacts from climate change caused in large part by our reliance on fossil fuels. Meanwhile, liberalized trading rules have promoted a global economy heavily reliant on trade, which...

No New Fossil Fuel Leasing: The Only Path to Maximizing Social Welfare in the Climate Change Era

ELR Article

In Federal Lands and Fossil Fuels: Maximizing Social Welfare in Federal Energy Leasing, Prof. Jayni Foley Hein assesses inefficiencies in the federal fossil fuel leasing program that lead to the over-extraction of fossil fuels...

Mayor and City Council of Baltimore v. BP P.L.C.

ELR Case

A federal district court granted the city of Baltimore's motion to remand to state court its climate change case against oil companies. The city alleged it sustained climate change-related injuries from greenhouse gas pollution to which...

Changing the National Flood Insurance Program for a Changing Climate

ELR Article

Congress established the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) in 1968 to reduce flood damages nationwide and ease the federal government’s financial burden for providing disaster recovery. To achieve this goal, the program was...

Time for a New Age of Enlightenment for U.S. Environmental Law and Policy: Where Do We Go From Here?

ELR Article

The issue of environmental injustice has again come into sharp focus in the wake of the predominantly African-American community in Flint, Michigan, being exposed to lead-contaminated drinking water. To secure environmental justice for...

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