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China Update - Vol. 1, Issue 1

ELR China Update

The premiere issue of China Update provides an overview of China's legal system as well as an introduction to Chinese environmental law. Click here to download this...

H.R. 4212, Chamber Action

ELR Congressional Update

Energy Regulation and Legislation in China

ELR Article

Energy regulation plays an important role in China’s economic development. Focusing on the electricity industry, four shortcomings of the country’s current energy regulation become apparent: first, overemphasis on energy supply and...

H.R. 4212, Bill Introduced

ELR Congressional Update

China’s Energy Conservation and Carbon Emissions Reduction System: Development and Status Quo of the Regulatory and Institutional Framework

ELR Article

Recent literature describing climate change governance at the international level emphasizes the need for more comprehensive domestic action to reduce carbon emissions. To date, China’s voluntary carbon reduction schemes indicate a more...

The Development of Payments for Ecosystem Services in China: Cutting Through the Cloud of Confusion Over China’s. Eco-Compensation

ELR Article

Though Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) was initially designed as a voluntary market-oriented mechanism, PES development in China became a top-down, government driven process that is gradually evolving from centralized large-scale...

Environmental Tort Litigation in China

ELR Article

The use of environmental tort claims to compensate pollution victims or to protect the environment and human health is still in an early stage of development in China. Nevertheless, tort cases play an outsized role in China’s...

China’s Environmental Administrative Enforcement System

ELR Article

This Comment presents an overview of China’s environmental administrative enforcement primarily regarding pollution control. It introduces the institutional framework of China’s environmental enforcement at the national and...

Overview of the Chinese Legal System

ELR Article

The People’s Republic of China (PRC) was founded in 1949 by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). For almost three decades after the PRC’s establishment, there was a perception that a formal legal system for many areas of national...

Annual Review of Chinese Environmental Law Developments: 2010

ELR Article

In 2010, China continued its environmental development goals outlined in the Eleventh Five-Year Plan passed in 2006. This annual review surveys the major developments in Chinese environmental law and policy in the past year. The...