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air pollution

Governing the Gasoline Spigot: Gas Stations and the Transition Away From Gasoline

ELR Article

Gas stations are America’s largest carbon spigot, a leading source of neighborhood-based pollution, and a sacred cow. This Article takes a comprehensive look at gas stations through the lens of the climate crisis and the rise of...

H.R. 7822

ELR Congressional Update

S. 4369

ELR Congressional Update

New Jersey v. Wheeler

ELR Case

A district court granted states' motion for summary judgment in a lawsuit concerning EPA's duty to limit air pollution drifting from upwind states into northeastern states. Connecticut, Delaware, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York...

Clover Coffie v. Florida Crystals Corp.

ELR Case

A district court dismissed for lack of standing a challenge to sugarcane producers' annual burning of sugarcane fields. Nearby landowners argued that the burning has led to a diminution of their property values and that they have...

Communities for a Better Environment v. South Coast Air Quality Management District

ELR Case

A California appellate court affirmed dismissal of a challenge to the South Coast Air Quality Management District's determination that an oil refinery project would reduce air pollution. An environmental group first argued the...

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