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Administrative Procedure Act

Pouring New Wine Into Old Wineskins? Promulgating Regulations in the Era of Social Media

ELR Article

In Visual Rulemaking, Prof. Elizabeth G. Porter and Prof. Kathryn A. Watts challenge agencies to break free of dense text and to explore a new universe of “visual rulemaking.” Citing colorful examples from the past few years,...

Administrative Law, Filter Failure, and Information Capture

ELR Article

There are no provisions in administrative law for regulating the flow of information entering or leaving the system, or for ensuring that regulatory participants can keep up with a rising tide of issues, details, and...

Bollay v. California Office of Administrative Law

ELR Case

A California appellate court invalidated a state policy prohibiting development seaward of the most landward historical position of the mean high tide line. The policy is an invalid underground regulation because it was not promulgated...

Administrative Procedure Act

ELR Statute

The APA governs the way in which federal administrative agencies may propose and establish regulations.