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Administrative Law

Center for Environmental Law & Policy v. Washington Department of Ecology

ELR Case

A state appellate court held invalid the Department of Ecology's administrative rule establishing summer minimum instream flows for the lower reach of the Spokane River. Environmental groups challenged the validity of the rule, arguing...

Farrell-Cooper Mining Co. v. DOI

ELR Case

The Tenth Circuit held that a coal mining company was entitled to judicial review of a DOI decision after a lower court dismissed the suit. In 2013, the company was cited by DOI for a violation of SMCRA. In 2015, the mining company...

DOJ/ENRD Symposium on The Future of Environmental Law

ELR Article

On November 4, 2016, DOJ’s Environment and Natural Resources Division convened an extraordinary group of legal scholars and practitioners to discuss “The Future of Environmental Law.” Speaking before the presidential election but...

S. 337, Committee Action

ELR Congressional Update

Comments on Administrative Law, Filter Failure, and Information Capture

ELR Article

Professor Wagner presents a strong and provocative set of arguments on how information overload is creating barriers to public participation, obfuscating the most important information for decisionmaking, and capturing and...