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New Jersey: Energy (generally)

November 2020



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The Board of Public Utilities proposed to amend its community solar energy pilot program. The amendments would, among other things, replace the six-month deadline for approved projects to begin construction with a requirement to provide quarterly updates to the Board, set the annual capacity limit for program years two and three, and update the existing exemption to the 10-subscriber minimum so that it is only available to projects devoting at least 51 percent of their capacity to low-and moderate-income subscribers. Comments are due January 15, 2021. See https://advance.lexis.com/container?config=00JABkMGM5YTkyOS1lZWRkLTRmMTktOTAxMS03YzU0MTU1ZWY0OWYKAFBvZENhdGFsb2deD7LQBBLcCbuY7q4FNupa&crid=d85d15dd-1196-4c1c-a108-7ced99e1e127&prid=268b87bf-7993-40c7-800e-dc12286771d5.