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New Jersey: Air (generally)

January 2017



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The Environmental Protection Air Quality, Energy, and Sustainability Division of Air Quality proposes amendments to N.J. Admin. Code §§ 7:27-16.1, 16.7, 16.16, 16.27, 19.2, 19.5, 19.8, and 7:27A-3.10 and proposes new rules N.J. Admin. Code §§ 7:27-16.14, 16.15, and 16.24. Proposed rulemaking pertains to control and prohibition of air pollution by volatile organic compounds and oxides of nitrogen. A public hearing regarding this proposed rulemaking and a proposed SIP revision will be held on February 13, 2017. Public comment will be accepted electronically until close of business on March 4, 2017. See http://www.lexisnexis.com/njoal/ (49 N.J.R. 14(a)).