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Georgia: Mining

April 2019



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The Environmental Protection Division proposed amendments to Ga. Comp. R. & Regs. 391-3-13. The proposed amendments would, among other things, update definitions to reflect what is used in the industry, add new language addressing the procedures for issuing an oil and gas and deep drilling permit, clarify the individuals that qualify to use their equitable share of any energy pool, expand the authority of the Director to ensure environmental protection in the event of a rig removal, and expand the items that require spill reporting and adherence to the Georgia Water Quality Control Act and the Georgia Oil and Gas and Deep Drilling Act of 1997. A hearing will be held April 15, 2019. Comments are due April 29, 2019. See https://epd.georgia.gov/sites/epd.georgia.gov/files/PublicNotice_OilGasD....