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85 FR 6577

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United States v. BP Products North America Inc., No. 3:20-cv-190 (N.D. Ohio Jan. 29, 2020). Settling CAA, CERCLA, and EPCRA defendants in relation to violations at their petroleum refinery in Oregon, Ohio, must pay $1.7 million in civil penalties, $200,000 of which will be paid to the State of Ohio with the remainder paid to the United States; pay $900,000 in stipulated penalties to the United States to resolve their alleged violations of a 2001 consent decree at the refinery; perform a $1.2 million supplemental environmental project to reduce childhood exposure to lead-based paint hazards; perform injunctive relief related to the refinery's emissions monitoring, leak detection and repair, wastewater collection, and hazardous substance release reporting procedures; and perform a mitigation project involving the refinery's sulfur recovery plant. 




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