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A Cool Climate Strategy: Pairing HFC Reduction and Energy Efficiency

September 2021

Citation: 51 ELR 10745

Issue: 9

Author: Rachael Bruketta

When establishing regulations under the Kigali Amendment and the American Innovation and Manufacturing Act, and to achieve environmentally and economically effective hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) phasedown strategies, this Comment asserts that the United States must consider what climate strategies have worked well in the past. Specifically, it looks at the history of U.S. climate action and presents market-based opportunities to phase down HFCs by providing examples of allowance-and-trading program successes. It also examines how HFC-free and energy-efficient technologies will be economically advantageous for consumers, will be supported by HFC-using industries, and will create employment opportunities; and explores how HFC reduction policies can provide compounded environmental benefits when pairing HFC reduction and energy-efficiency improvements in new, climate-friendly technologies.

Rachael Bruketta is a 2022 J.D. and Master of Energy Regulation and Law candidate at Vermont Law School.

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