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Governing the Grid: Decarbonization, Energy Security, and Climate Adaptation for the 21st Century

September 2021

Citation: ELR 10727

Author: Nina Pušić, Kathryn F. Penry, Shalaya Morissette, Doug Vine, and Eric Christensen

Visible impacts of climate change, like the unprecedented winter storm in Texas, underscore the need to integrate climate adaptation as a principal factor in energy security. With appropriate weatherization and increased battery storage, many believe that renewables can help assure an energy-secure future that is more resilient to the impacts of climate change. On May 4, 2021, the Environmental Law Institute hosted a panel that explored how to ensure energy grids are fit for these emerging challenges, and how energy law and policy must navigate complex and intersecting governance imperatives. Below, we present a transcript of that discussion, which has been edited for style, clarity, and space considerations.

Nina Pušić was Senior Manager of Educational Programs at the Environmental Law Institute. Kathryn F. Penry (moderator) is an Associate at Bracewell LLP. Shalaya Morissette is Lead Program Manager, National Grid, and President of the Greater Boston Chapter of the American Association of Blacks in Energy. Doug Vine is Director of Energy Analysis at the Center for Climate and Energy Solutions. Eric Christensen is Of Counsel at Beverage & Diamond PC.

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