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Leveraging Science to Inform Proactive and Reactive Risk Management

March 2021

Citation: 51 ELR 10198

Issue: 3

Author: Caroline Gillie, Allison Killius, Gwendolyn Parker, and Marisa Kreider (Part I), and Holland Sullivan (Part II)

The production, transport, use, and disposal of industrial and consumer products may pose risks to human and environmental health. Product stewardship is the practice of characterizing and managing human health and environmental impacts throughout a product’s life cycle. Through risk assessment, companies can understand the intrinsic hazards of chemicals and quantify the likelihood (risk) that exposures may damage human health and the environment. By understanding the hazards and potential risks throughout its product’s life cycle, a company is well-positioned to maintain regulatory compliance, identify problematic chemistries or exposure scenarios that may present risks in the supply chain, and effectively manage and mitigate risks over the product’s life cycle.

Caroline Gillie is a health scientist at Cardno ChemRisk. Allison Killius is a toxicologist at Cardno ChemRisk. Gwendolyn Parker is a public health professional and health scientist at Cardno ChemRisk. Dr. Marisa Kreider is a board-certified toxicologist and Principal Science Advisor with Cardno ChemRisk. Holland Sullivan is a licensed attorney and Chief Strategy Officer with FARA Recovery.

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