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Behind the Curtain: Insiders' View of Developing and Enforcing State Climate Change Laws

June 2020

Citation: ELR 10466

Author: Sue Reid and Jennifer K. Rushlow

This Article highlights the role of advocates in pushing government to step up to the challenges of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and remaining steadfast through continued policy enforcement. The authors, who participated in the development of the Massachusetts Global Warming Solutions Act, provide insights regarding climate legislation, regulation, and litigation in a state committed to addressing climate change. They conclude by sharing lessons learned and recommendations for how state governments can shape future climate laws to take into account the necessary near-term and longer-term GHG emission reductions, and establish mandates that maximize enforceability.

Sue Reid is Principal Advisor-Finance at Mission2020 and previously served as an attorney at Conservation Law Foundation from 2005 to 2014, including as Vice-President and Massachusetts Advocacy Center Director. Jennifer K. Rushlow is Associate Dean of Environmental Programs, Environmental Law Center Director, and Associate Professor of Law at Vermont Law School.

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