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NEPA's Promise: A Future in Which We All Thrive

March 2020

Citation: ELR 10197

Author: Sharon Buccino

NEPA is not about my agenda or your agenda. It is about solutions that work for all of us. This Comment offers a litmus test. The first section explains the promise NEPA makes to each of us, describing the integration, information, and inclusion that NEPA brought to our federal statutory framework in a way not previously seen and describing how NEPA enhances our democracy by holding the government accountable to the people it serves—by giving the public a right to information, as well as the right to provide information. The second section measures how we have done in fulfilling NEPA’s promise,  describing what it takes to deliver effective and efficient environmental analysis and public participation. By using this two-part litmus test to evaluate past actions, as well as proposals for change, we can chart a constructive path forward. 

Sharon Buccino is a Senior Attorney with the Natural Resources Defense Council.

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